• National Projects

    National Projects

    3 National Projects – (CCTV Center, Media Center ofBeijing Olympic Games and Beijing International Airport) Advanced technology, standardized management and service as well as the quality help us win

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  • ​FRP Helipad

    ​FRP Helipad

    FRP Helipad Steel and normal material helipad will cause static which may cause disaster. The static may cause fire or even exploration and will damage the facilities and kill the people. FRP helipad

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  • FRP Ladder Rung

    FRP Ladder Rung

    FRP Ladder Rung Only FRP Ladders with non-skid ladders can avoid the slip accident caused by traditional steel or aluminum ladder rungs?No! Exactly not!FRP Ladder rung is a easy and cost effective sol

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  • FRP Stair Tread Cover

    FRP Stair Tread Cover

    Anti-slip FRP Stair Tread Cover FRP stair tread covers and anti-slip strips are good solution for some old stairs. FRP stair tread tread covers is a better choice for stairs than aluminum or steel cov

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  • ​FRP Structural Shapes

    ​FRP Structural Shapes

    FRP Structural Shapes Structural shapes usually are unidirectional strength products which are usually used for structural support and can be good to a kind of good substation material to traditional

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