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Conductive FRP Grating

Brand : Strongrate

Product origin : Jiangsu,China

Delivery time : 20GP 1 week/ 40GP 2 weeks

Supply capacity : 2-4 containers per month

Non-conductive is one drawback for FRP grating is some special application. But now, conductive FRP grating has get rid of this drawback and could work well in special scenes. Meanwhile, anti-static feature could reduce the risk of explosion by static which also risk the hurt of labor. What fantastic is that anti-static grating can in various color but not only in black now.

Conductive FRP Grating

Conductive Grating in Different Color is available now!!!

All of Strongrate® high strength compression molded grating products can be provided with a specially formulated carbon black surface, eliminating hazardous static electricity when properly grounded. Available with all of the above resins, Strongrate® Conductive Grating are primarily used in the high-tech electronic industries, munitions and arsenal manufacturing plants, and other sparking sensitive environments where sophisticated equipment may be damaged due to static electricity. The electric resistance of StrongrateTMconductive grating is 1 x 105 ohms to 5 x105ohms

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