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Transparent FRP Grating

Brand : Strongrate

Product origin : Jiangsu,China

Delivery time : 20GP 1 week/ 40GP 2 weeks

Supply capacity : 2-4 containers per month

One of good substitution of steel grating with many better features than steel ones FRP grating is good for many chemical corrosive applications due to is superior anti corrosive ability and low maintenance feature, which can save quite a lot labor and material cost as well as the risk during the replacement procedure. Meanwhile, light weight and good machinery properties could provide safe walkway or platform in many cases.

Transparent FRP Grating

All of Strongrate® molded gratings can be transparent.

Strongrate® transparent molded grating is kind of pure resin or low percentage of pigment molded grating. Light can through the grating bearing bar easily. Our transparent grating is offered in all of the same resin systems as our high strength compression molded grating products and provide the same corrosion resistance features.

Transparent molded grating also has a range of industrial applications, such as floor grating, building wall decoration, drainage covers. We offer three surface types for your selection: Gritted top, smooth top and concave top.

Transparent FRP Grating

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