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FRP Hand Lay-up Stair Tread Covers

  • Strongrate
  • Jiangsu,China
  • 20GP 1 week/ 40GP 2 weeks
  • 2-4 containers per month
FRP stair tread cover is the most environment friendly anti-slip solution now in the world. Slip accident occurs every 15 seconds and hurt thousands of people every year. FRP stair tread cover is fire retardant, durable, anti-corrosive and can be seen at dark night with special paint coating.

Stair Tread Cover

Strongrate® stair tread covers are a convenient way to provide solid, slip resistant footing for existing treads that are still structurally sound. Stair tread covers may be installed over wood,concrete or metal steps. Standard color is black with a highly visible safety yellow nosing for industrial applications and light gray for architectural applications. Custom color and size are always available.

Technical Data


  • Suitable for areas of heavy traffic

  • 55mm DDA compliant stair tread in black, with white or yellow nosing

  • Building Regulation Compliant

  • Decorative finishes ideal for internal use

  • Available in fine and coarse

Safety Glow Type is available

  • Ideal for areas with limited light

  • Glows for up to 8 hours

  • 55mm DDA compliant stair tread nosing

  • Building regulation compliant

  • Available with yellow or white nosing

  • Suitable for high pedestrian traffic

Fibreglass Flooring


Strongrate® molded fiberglass stair treads are offered in three versions.

The OSHA required non-skid nosing, built in to the leading edge of the tread for the first 32mm, is always gritted, and has the contrast color with the rest of the panel, normally in black.

Pultruded Industrial/Pedestrian Stair Treads

Strongrate® slip resistant and non conductive, pultruded stair treads offer the same level of safety,strength and corrosion resistance as other Strongrate TM pultruded fiberglass products. Designed for use in industrial applications where wider support spans are required, pultruded stair treads are available in 25mm and 38mm depths in an I bar configuration with 40% and 60% open areas for most applications. A 50mm depth T bar configuration, with either a 33% or 50% open area, is also available for applications requiring wider spans or lower deflections.

Special Tread Covers Are Available!

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