• Moltruded FRP Grating
  • Moltruded FRP Grating
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Moltruded FRP Grating

  • Strongrate
  • Jiangsu,China
  • 20GP 1 week/ 40GP 2 weeks
  • 2-4 containers per month
One of good substitution of steel grating with many better features than steel ones FRP grating is good for many chemical corrosive applications due to is superior anti corrosive ability and low maintenance feature, which can save quite a lot labor and material cost as well as the risk during the replacement procedure. Meanwhile, light weight and good machinery properties could provide safe walkway or platform in many cases.

Strongrate® molded fiberglass grating is manufactured by interfacing reinforcing glass fibre roving within a polyester resin, thermally cured in the mould. Grating produced using this technique yield a product having 30-35% (by total weight) of fiberglass reinforcement. For fire retardant protection, the resin used are complete with fire retardant additive to obtain class 1 fire spread rating of 25 or less as per ASTM E-84. UV inhibitors and antioxidant are included into our recipe of gratings to achieve better UV protection.

Features of Strongrate® molded grating

  • Chemical Resistanc

  • Non-conductive

  • Light Weight

  • Fire Retardancy

  • Non-Skid & Safety

  • Low Maintenance

  • Easy Installatione

  • Ultra-violet resistant

  • Bi-directional Strength

Moltruded FRP grating

Our Strongrate® moltruded grating manufactured by the moltrusion process (molded and pultrusion process) combined by a high number of fiberglass roving placed in a unique unidirectional manner to deliver superior strength, but features all advantages like corrosion resistance, light weight, easy to install, etc. In the design cross rods occupy only the top half of the grating, so fiberglass placed where they provide the most strength in the lower half of the load bars.

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